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The easiest way to visualize how much a yard of cover is to understand that one yard is equivalent to approximately 14 standard 2 cu. ft bags of mulch (Standard bags found in most hardware stores). To determine how many bags of mulch would be needed please visit our mulch calculator found under the services tab.

How does Today's Pinestraw compare to Home Depot and Lowes

Home Depot and Lowes both offer a low quality of pine straw which is normally dirty and trashy.  Home Depot and Lowes also charges around $3.75 per bale not to include installation or delivery.  However, Today's Pinestraw rates range as low as $3.75 per bale (on some large orders) to $4.50 per bale for installation which includes delivery, installation, and clean-up.

How much does a bale cover?

Our bales are hand baled in South Georgia and vary in size.  One bale normally covers 28 square feet in areas with minimal to no previous straw coverage, and 30 square feet in areas with previous straw coverage.

What is the difference between long leaf pine straw and slash?

Long leaf pine straw has a lighter red appearance, it has more resin in the needles making it our longest lasting and also our brightest in color.  Even though it is our most expensive straw it returns its initial cost difference with the most longevity and the best coverage.  

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