Today's Pine Straw and Landscaping offers a wide array of services to meet the needs of our customers.  We offer package and bundle discounts for numerous services purchased.

Landscaping W/O mulch/pine straw

We offer landscaping services to include cutting of grass, edging, and trimming for one low price.

            Sod Installation

We offer installation of Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, Fescue, and other specialized sod products.  Along with installation of sod, our landscape maintenance packages help to keep your sod looking beautiful.

Landscaping with mulch/pine straw

Offering landscaping services with mulch/pine straw services enables us to provide discount pricing for combined services.

                 Pine Straw

We install both long needle and slash pine straw.  Pine Straw can be installed or just delivered.  (25 Bale minimum for installs....50 bale minimum for deliveries.) One bale covers approx. 38 square foot of area with previous straw, and approx. 30 square foot on bare ground.  Bale deminsions are (14”x14”x28”).


Mulch can be installed by the bag or by the truck load.  In order to distribute even measurements, mulch is measured by bag.  Mulch helps to add moisture to plants, and helps to contain nutrients, and beautify landscapes.


Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn and helps with....

Increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch.

Increasing water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil.

Improving rooting.


Enhancing infiltration of rainfall or irrigation.

Helping prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from overly compacted areas.

Pine Straw Installations




     Price Range: $5.50 per bale 

               (Discount for landscapers)


     Description: Longleaf pine straw averages 14 inches 
     in length. Longleaf pine straw is considered a                  premium pine needle that is used for landscape 
     projects that require the BEST pine straw on the            market.





 Price Range: $4.50 per bale (Some Customer and seasonal discounts may apply.)


               (Discounts for landscapers)


     Description: Slash pine straw is a shorter pine                needle, averaging 9 inches in length. This type of

     pine needle is used for the average commercial or          home landscape project.

Mulch Installations

Special!!! Slash Pine Straw $4.25 per bale installed when you purchase 200 bales or more.

Cypress, Hardwood, Red, Black, Dark Brown, Pine Nuggets, and Pine Bark available.


Price Range: $5.00 per 2cu. ft. bag or $60 per yard (with purchase of five yards or more.)



*** One yard of mulch is equivalent to approximately thirteen 2 cu. ft. bags of mulch.